About Us

ADICO started from Norway. ADICO Dingzhou Metal Products CO LTD was invested by ADICO AS. At the beginning, its main products are epoxy cast iron pipe fittings.

Since 1913, epoxy cast iron pipes and fittings have been widely used through out western countries, such as Germany, United States, and other European countries. In light of the evolution of technology, there’s an obvious increase in demands of drain waste system for buildings under extreme conditions.In order to sell in the market, ADICO AS has to get the CONFORMITY CERTIFICATE from test centers authorized by HOKLAS. After some tests, the former suppliers can not pass all the tests by CASTCO TEST CENTER in Hongkong, who is authorized by HOKLAS. Based on the experiences previously accumulated, and the advanced technology, ADICO AS built this factory ADCIO DINGZHOU together with their China employees. Then we succeded in all tests by HongKong, and smoothly got the CONFORMITY CERTIFICATE. ADICO Dingzhou comines all the advantages of its previous suppliers in cast iron fittings and pipes and make further analysis to the all defects encoutered, with the benefits of simplicity, safety, high quality and economy.

Projects through out the world, from residential buildings to government facilities, ADICO is the prior choice for your piping system.